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Low-Dimensional Functional Materials


Scientific Program

NATO Advanced Research Workshop

Recent Trends in Energy Security:

With Special Emphasis on Low-Dimensional Functional Materials

15 - 19 October 2012
Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Day 1, October 15
9:00-10:00 Registration and coffee
10:00-10:25 Opening Ceremony
Morning Session
Graphene, CNT and Fullerene
Vladimir Dyakonov
10:25-11:00 Reinhold Egger Strongly interacting Dirac fermions in graphene quantum dots
11:00-11:35 Anvar Zakhidov Carbon nanotube charge collectors in organic and hybrid tandem
photovoltaic cells
11:35-12:10 Luis Brey Gapped phase in direct stacked bilayer graphene
12:10-12:45 Andreas Knorr Microscopic theory of ultrafast dynamics in graphene
Lunch break (13:00-14:30)


Afternoon Session
The role of quantum confinement and size effects in nanomaterials
Katsuhiro Nakamura
14:30-15:05 Paul C.W. Chu Superconductivity with higher TC via nano-2D structures
15:05-15:40 Bakhodir Abdullaev Anyon bosonized 2D fermions or a single boson physics of cuprates:
experimental evidences
Coffee Break (15:40-16:10)
16:10-16:45 Akira Oguri 1/(N-1) expansion for an Anderson impurity with N-fold degeneracy: a new
large-N scheme based on a perturbation theory in U
16:45-17:20 Farhan Saif Recurrence Tracking Microscopy - a new way to perform surface scanning
17:20-17:55 Jelena Klinovaja From fractional to majorana fermions in rashba nanowires
Dinner (18:30-20:00)  
Day 2, October 16
Morning Session
Graphene, CNT and Fullerene
Luis Brey
9:00-9:35 Joachim Burgdörfer Large-scale tigh binding simulations for graphene quantum dots and
9:35-10:10 Eva Y. Andrei Landau level spectroscopy of graphene: exploring the influence of doping,
edges and charged impurities
10:10-10:45 Aravind Vijayaraghavan Large-scale integration of graphene and carbon nanotube devices
Coffee Break (10:45-11:15)
11:15-11:50 Mikito Koshino Anomalous magnetic field effects on graphene
11:50-12:25 Bart Partoens Ab initio studies of the adsorption of atoms and molecules on graphene
12:25-13:00  Bernd Braunecker Interaction effects in clean and disordered helical conductors
Lunch break (13:00-14:30)


Afternoon Session
The role of quantum confinement and size effects in nanomaterials
Klaus Ziegler
14:30-15:05 Alex Zazunov Transport through a Coulomb blockaded Majorana nanowire
15:05-15:40 Jongbae Hong Tunneling conductance of doped single-layer graphene and multilayer
15:40-16:15 Katsuhiro Nakamura Poisson’s equations and Bernoulli’s formula for a quantum gas confined in
the cavity with a moving piston
Coffee Break (16:15-17:00)
Dinner (18:30-20:00)  
Day 3, October 17
Morning Session
Renewable energy on the basis of low-dimensional functional materials
Joachim Burgdörfer
9:00-9:35 Giulio Casati Can we control the heat current? A major societal problem for the
21st century
9:35-10:10 Philippe Jacquod Nonlinear theory of micro- and nano-thermoelectricity
10:10-10:45 Tito E. Huber Photoresponse in thermoelectric bismuth nanowire arrays
Coffee Break (10:45-11:15)
11:15-11:30 Sergey Maksimov Thermoelectric Phenomena in Small Granulated Semiconductors
11:30-12:05 Hiroshi Mizuseki First-principles investigation of hydrogen storage properties on metal-doped
low-dimensional materials
12:05-12:40 Moritz Riede Organic solar cells made by vacuum deposition
12:40-12:55 Boris Oksengendler Quantum dot shape effect on multiple exciton generation
Lunch break (13:00-14:30)


Afternoon Session
Renewable energy on the basis of low-dimensional functional materials
Giulio Casati
14:30-15:05 Vladimir Dyakonov Nanoscale phase-separated molecular bulk-heterojunctions for photovoltaic
energy conversion
15:05-15:45 Atilla Aydinli Si nanocrystals for third generation solar cells
Coffee Break (15:45-16:15)
16:15-16:50 Vittorio Pellegrini Graphene for THz detection and hydrogen storage
16:50-17:25 Vladimir Nikiforov Thermoelectricity in ternary rare-earth systems
17:25-18:00 Elvira Ibragimova Electric conductivity of gamma-irradiated lithium fluorite with metal
Dinner (18:30-20:00)  
Day 4, October 18
Morning Session
Graphene, CNT and Fullerene
Jongbae Hong
9:00-9:35 Klaus Ziegler Engineering of Instabilities in Graphene
9:35-10:10 Gilles Montambaux Dirac cones from graphene to cold atoms
10:10-10:45 Alberto Tagliaferro Tailoring electrical properties of CNTs-polymer composites
Coffee Break (10:45-11:15)
11:15-11:50 Young-Woo Son Physical properties of graphene systems under mechanical perturbations
11:50-12:25 Alexander Altland Class D spectral peak in Majorana quantum wires
12:25-13:00 Paul May CVD diamond as a 21st century engineering material
Lunch break (13:00-14:30)


Afternoon Session
Graphene, CNT and Fullerene
Reinhold Egger
14:30-15:05 Lucian Covaci Strain engineering of electronic correlations in graphene
15:05-15:40 Danilo Demarchi How to talk with nanothings: the micro for nano approach
15:40-16:15 Bekir Kandemir On the electron-phonon interactions in graphene
Coffee (16:15)
Tour in the Tashkent city (16:30-18:30)
Dinner (18:30-20:00)  
Day 5, October 19
Morning Session
Quantum networks and their applications
Alessandro De Martino
9:00-9:35 Leszek Sirko Are scattering properties of networks uniquely connected to their shapes?
9:35-9:50 Valijon Eshniyozov Particle transport kicked graph
9:50-10:05 Jambul Yusupov Breathing quantum graphs
10:05-10:20 Karim Sabirov Nonlinear Schrödinger equation on networks
Coffee Break (10:20-10:50)
10:50-11:25 Yasuhiko Hayashi Unusual behavior of metals confined in a low-dimensional carbon nanotube
11:25-12:00 Cristian Glattli Edge magneto-plasmons in graphene
12:00-12:35 Davron Matrasulov Kicked Dirac particle in 1D box
12:35-12:50 Doniyor Babajonov Particle transport in kicked graphene nanoribbons
Lunch break (13:00-14:30)


Afternoon Session
Graphene, CNT and Fullerene
Tito Huber
14:30-15:05 Alessandro
De Martino
Landau levels and edge states in graphene monolayers with strong
spin-orbit coupling
15:05-15:40 Ergashali Rakhimov Particle transport in breathing quantum billiards
15:40-15:55 Khamdam Rakhimov Wave packet propagation in graphene with a random potential landscape
15:55-16:15 Concluding Remarks
Coffee (16:15-17:00)
Banquet (18:00-20:30)